Linked List Problems

Stanford CS Education Library: A quick review of linked list basics followed by 18 linked list problems, basic through advanced, with solution code in C/C++.  Nobody really uses linked lists any more, so why bother with these problems? Linked lists are a superb source of complex practice problems. Link list problems are simple to define, yet can have complicated, pointer-intensive solutions (which is why they are often used on exams and in interviews). If you are serious about your pointer/algorithm skills, there's no substitute for practice and this is the place to start.

For a few problems, multiple solutions are presented, such as iteration vs. recursion or dummy node vs. reference pointer. The problems are: Count, GetNth, DeleteList, Pop, InsertNth, SortedInsert, InsertSort, Append, FrontBackSplit, RemoveDuplicates, MoveNode, AlternatingSplit, ShuffleMerge, SortedMerge, SortedIntersect, Reverse, and RecursiveReverse.

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(revised Jan, 2002)

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